Moulding Process

With a range of machines from 60T to 500T we are able to offer shot weights from a few grams up to 1.7kg. On our smallest two machines (60T & 100T) we operate our own proprietary (bolsterless) quick change system, this has the advantage of being able to keep tool change times down to a minimum, under 10 minutes in some cases, allowing us to manage smaller batch volumes and reduced lead-times without the normal price premiums you might expect.

We mould for a diverse range of applications and industry sectors including: medical, construction, defence, office furniture, electronics, construction vehicles and retail.

Our core processes are:

  • Injection Moulding
  • Insert Moulding (conventional)
  • High Volume Insert Moulding (vertical/rotary turntable)
  • Over-moulding
  • Structural Foam